[vbox-dev] Enhancement

Mario Lobo mlobo at digiart.art.br
Wed Aug 30 22:53:27 UTC 2017

On Wed, 30 Aug 2017 19:42:03 +0100
Malcolm Clarke <malcolm.clarke at brunel.ac.uk> wrote:

> Dear Frank
> I am using VBOX to support a non GUI server (FreeBSD). It would be
> nice if VBOX could support a simple paste function, where any text in
> the clipboard could be input to the command line as if it had been
> typed at the keyboard. E.g. I will look up a FreeBSD command using
> the web browser on my host and want to execute this on the FreeBSD
> server. Currently I have to type this, and this can be error prone
> for complex command lines.
> Regards
> Malcolm


This already possible! And is not something that "needs to be
implemented" in VBOX.

You can do this from your desktop (graphic) of whatever OS you
are using. It is a desktop feature.

I use FreeBSD with a KDE console (kconsole) to ssh into the guest vm. It
could be Windows + putty or MacOS + terminal. Doesn't matter.

Once the ssh is established, whatever you have in the clipboard can be
pasted into the terminal session window, no matter how long or complex.

I believe this more of question for the users list. I would suggest
that next time you try there first.

Just my 0,02 cents.


Mario Lobo
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