[vbox-dev] How to Initialize PUVM object from VM UUID/name

Azizul Hakim mhaki005 at fiu.edu
Wed Apr 19 13:32:29 UTC 2017

I'm doing some research on VirtualBox VMM. I'm trying to call some VMM
functions from my library. Basically I was trying to call VMR3Suspend
function and it takes an instance of PUVM. PUVM is only initialized during
the creation of a VM. Which means I can't suspend a VM unless I created it.
I was just wondering if there is some function which will initialize an
instance of PUVM given its UUID/name.

Because of the type of my work, I can not do it using other VBox tools.
I've to do it through the VMM. Any guideline is much appreciated.

Azizul Hakim
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