[vbox-dev] Pagefusion status

Rob wechat007001 at foxmail.com
Thu Oct 27 02:26:21 UTC 2016

Hi Klaus,

Thank you for the quick reply.

CC'ed Ribhi who asked similar question before:

>Right now there's no short term plan to work on this. If there were 
>plausible customer demand it would trigger re-evaluation of priorities 
>based on the expected impact.

>In which context are you interested in having PageFusion for Linux? Can 
>you give an outline of the workload you have in mind and the memory 
>savings you're expecting?

The workload is simple, we are trying to run as many Ubuntu/Linux guests as we can on top of vbox.
All of our guests use the same distribution and run the same web servers(but for different customs).
So there should be much memory can be shared.
This is kind of overcommit and would be much more profit for us(e.g saving cost, more income) with more Ubuntu/Linux guests.

>Oh, and a piece of advice: don't believe what some people out there 
>publish in white papers. The savings they declare possible are often 
>extremely unrealistic.


>> Or any headlines if people want to try themselves?
>Fundamentally it's possible to implement this in a similar fashion to 
>the implementation for Windows - go over all readonly memory mapped 
>files, declaring the corresponding memory regions as candidates.

Sounds like not very complicate if no vbox-internal code need to get involved.
Thanks again!

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