[vbox-dev] Problems with VirtualBox since 5.1.x

Kalogrianitis Socratis socratisk at gmail.com
Fri Oct 7 13:49:57 UTC 2016


First of all this is the last message on the list about this. I do NOT want to spam the developers with a single bug report that's going back and forth. I suggest you contact me directly (you have my e-mail) so we can get to the bottom of this.

As I said, the forums are the first place where you turn to. If that doesn't work, you go to the bugtracker. You definitely do NOT go to the Developer's mailing list, so let's keep the list clean, OK?

Contact me (and me alone) directly please. I have a list of usernames that might belong to you...


On 7/Οκτ/2016, at 16:14, Jan-Peter Rühmann <jan-peter at ruehmann.name> wrote:

> Hello
> I don't know I think JPRuehman had worked for me once upon a time in the past
> now I get only random errors but can't login or create an account.

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