[vbox-dev] Problems with VirtualBox since 5.1.x

Jan-Peter Rühmann jan-peter at ruehmann.name
Tue Oct 4 10:22:05 UTC 2016


Since the release off VirtualBox 5.1 there are no working Versions anymore.
First the Programm can,t be started at all (some plugins that are not available
or so).
That Problem was solved by the latest Version 5.1.6.
But I can`t work with it at all, because It wont run any VMs at all there are no
errors as Window or at the Comman Line
If I try to start any VM it takes a long time (30s or longer) than a window
opens that says that it loads the VM and 30%. Than a long wait later
(approximately 5 Minutes) a second Window oppens with the same content. I've
waited 48 Hours but nothing else happens.

I am using Kubuntu 16.04 LTE
My last working Version is 5.0.24.
Will there a working Version in the near Future or is ther a Workaround for the

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