[vbox-dev] networking outbound is slower then inbound

Geoff Nordli geoffn at gnaa.net
Thu May 19 06:21:11 UTC 2016

On 16-05-18 11:46 AM, Alexey Eromenko wrote:
> Since you do that kind of testing, I can drop you VirtIO drivers for 
> Windows 7 guest, and see how far can we go
> ...?
> (I hope it will work with Windows 2012, but no guarantees)
> https://www.dropbox.com/s/ncc0kzxrddwyick/VirtIO.iso?dl=0
> Other news: I'm developing my own next-generation TCP/IP stack. Do you 
> know anyone who would like to discuss this with me? (I have a 
> presentation ready and documentation specs)
> Thanks for your work,
> -Technologov
> 18 Май 2016 г. 9:16 PM пользователь "Geoff Nordli" <geoffn at gnaa.net 
> <mailto:geoffn at gnaa.net>> написал:
>     Hi.
>     Really happy with the network performance boost with vbox5!!
>     Really 900Mbps over a virtualized network is pretty good.
>     One thing I notice that the outbound is slower than the inbound.
>     Any suggested tweak to get the same throughput?
>     The configuration:
>     Vbox 5.0.20
>     Virtual Machine:  Windows 2012 R2 with the 82540EM network card.
>     Client:  Windows 7 on physical hardware connected via 1Gbps switch.
>     Using the latest iperf tests, with default options.
>     Client -> VM  903Mbps
>     VM -> Client  572Mbps

Hi Alexey.

Do you see any difference between virtio and the intel card?

I can use the drivers from the redhat site: 

It is going to be a bit before I actually try it out though.

At this point most of my clients are smaller and use  an all-in-one 
server so speed isn't really a big concern; especially if we can bridge 
the gap between outbound and inbound connections.  900Mbps is more than 
fast enough for the types of servers I deploy.



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