[vbox-dev] v5.0.14 copy files to guest bug

Matthew Donovan mdonovan at atcorp.com
Thu Mar 3 17:41:18 UTC 2016

I was looking at the file copy problem in version 5.0.14.  The immediate
problem is that when invoking the vbox_cat process, the argv array is not
created correctly.  Specifically, the program name is omitted and argv[0]
is the first argument to the command.   I say "immediate problem" because
the arguments you give to VBoxManage are not handled correctly e.g., the
--target-directory argument is treated as the destination file path, not
just directory.

This is the first time I've submitted a patch, please let me know if it is
not in the correct format or there are problems with it.


--- a/src/VBox/Main/src-client/GuestSessionImplTasks.cpp	2016-01-19
11:45:52.000000000 -0500
+++ b/src/VBox/Main/src-client/GuestSessionImplTasks.cpp	2016-03-01
12:50:59.053201400 -0500
@@ -315,6 +315,7 @@
     procInfo.mFlags      = ProcessCreateFlag_Hidden;
     /* Set arguments.*/
+	procInfo.mArguments.push_back(Utf8Str(VBOXSERVICE_TOOL_CAT));
mDest.c_str())); /** @todo Do we need path conversion? */
     /* Startup process. */
@@ -643,6 +644,7 @@
             procInfo.mFlags      = ProcessCreateFlag_Hidden |
             /* Set arguments.*/
             procInfo.mArguments.push_back(mSource); /* Which file to
output? */
             /* Startup process. */

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