[vbox-dev] SVN build and audio issues

Perry Halbert phalbert at cox.net
Wed Jun 15 15:47:42 UTC 2016

Andreas, Frank,

Thank you both for this valuable information.  I saw the path and it 
looks good and yes the older Distros would have a problem.  I can say 
that so far since the adaptation of the Intel HD audio in modern Linux 
distros it appears to work fairly well.  Looking forward to seeing the 
improvements in the future.


On 06/15/2016 10:37 AM, Frank Mehnert wrote:
> Hi,
> On Wednesday 15 June 2016 17:32:20 Andreas Löffler wrote:
>> [...]
>> The plan is to have HDA support for (newer) Linux guests, so that those
>> can take advantage of features the AC'97 emulation does not support.
>> AC'97 definitely will stay around, but we didn't make up our minds yet
>> whether (and when) HDA will become the standard sound device emulation
>> for newly created guests.
> there is also the following problem: At the moment our "New VM" wizard
> just asks if the Linux distribution is Debian/Ubuntu/Fedora or whatever.
> It does not ask if this is an older distro or a newer one. Therefore we
> need to assume some sane values working for older as well as for newer
> distros. We want to rewrite that wizard to allow a better choice here
> but this will not happen for 5.1.
> Kind regards,
> Frank

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