[vbox-dev] Driver ISR call delayed for device interrupts

llyzs llyzs.vic at gmail.com
Wed Jun 15 06:51:19 UTC 2016

Hi Devs,

I have a virtual PCI device added on VirtualBox OSE and a driver which
sends I/O to do some stuff in the host and receive interrupts when the work
is done. The interrupts work most of the time, however there are random
delays between PDMDevHlpPCISetIrq is called and the driver ISR is called.
Most of the time there is no delay (<1ms) but periodically there is a delay
from 10+ms to even 60+ms. One more strange thing is that the delay mostly
happen at exactly every 500ms. So anyone can give me some hint on what is
causing the interrupt delay? What kind of job inside VirtualBox that runs
every 500ms that might be causing interrupt delay?

I am on Windows 8.1 x64 (both guest and host). Thanks in advanced.

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