[vbox-dev] Minor fixes for configure.vbs

Власов Константин flint at flint-inc.ru
Fri Jul 29 18:29:22 UTC 2016


I was building VirtualBox for Windows from sources and found some problems. I'm 
attaching two patches for the configure.vbs script.

1. configure-fixes-1.patch
The script detects the Visual C++ compiler by trying to run it without 
parameters and checking the return code. But in VS2010/SDK7.1 cl.exe started 
without parameters returns an error code. Therefore, configure.vbs thinks that 
compiler is not found.

This patch adds the /? parameter to cl.exe command line. This causes cl.exe to 
output help and return success, so that configure.vbs detected this compiler as 

2. configure-fixes-2.patch

When I specify libcurl path, configure.vbs requires that libcurl.dll is present 
there. But I know for sure VB can link with libcurl statically, and the DLL 
therefore is not actually required.

This patch removes the requirement of libcurl.dll presence.

MIT licensed.

Bye.                                    With best regards,
                                        Konstantin Vlasov.
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