[vbox-dev] NetBSD support patches for VirtualBox

Otacílio otacilio.neto at bsd.com.br
Sun Jul 10 14:03:05 UTC 2016

Em 10/07/2016 08:33, Kamil Rytarowski escreveu:
> Hello,
> I've prototyped NetBSD support (Host and Guest) for VirtualBox.
> The support is still incomplete, however the amount of patches enforces
> me to unload my local tree and start upstreaming changes now.
> So far there are over 250 files modified/added and the diff is for over
> 20k lines. I'm using the pkgsrc framework, so there are also patches to
> make usage of VirtualBox on pkgsrc with a Linux host.
> All of my diffs are MIT-licensed (no CLA-signed), according to the
> website it's good enough.
> I'm going to rebase my changes to SVN-trunk and send them one or few at
> time, waiting for reviewing and merging the previous ones.
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This patches is for Virtualbox 5? Do you think that this patches can be 
used by FreeBSD also?



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