[vbox-dev] Problem building Solaris Additions with current GCC

pK myself600 at opmbx.org
Sat Jan 9 18:20:07 UTC 2016

Guys, thank you for all the replies. To be honest, I haven't thought to 
recieve any answer for such a question.

On 2016-01-07 10:41, Michal Necasek wrote:
> You're not supposed to know who goes on vacation when, and we can't
> really tell you. So you have to apply some common sense. Sure, January
> 2nd was in fact a working day in most or all countries where
> VirtualBox developers are located. But it's not exactly unusual for
> people to take vacation around Christmas/New Year.
>  Basically you had about the worst possible timing. This was the one
> time of the year when more or less everybody is gone. So just remember
> to not expect quick answers roughly between Christmas and Epiphany
> (aka Three Kings' Day, Jan 6th).
>     - Michal

Thank you for the clarification; my timing was purely accidental. I 
asked because it was already after the holidays and I wanted to be sure 
that my question will not remain unanswered. Also, I didn't knew whether 
there are some developers working during the holidays (e.g. at home). 
There are passionate people working even during those days.

P.S.: I'm still getting those "dating scam emails" which I mentioned on 
the forums, however, I failed to mention that they were initiated from 
"darisugawara at yahoo.com" (see <https://u.pomf.is/ushqlo.png>). If you 
can, please ban this user from the mailing list so no more users will be 
bothered again. Thanks again.

On 2016-01-07 10:55, Kerry, Richard wrote:
> " Sure, January 2nd was in fact a working day "
> Not really - January 2nd was a Saturday.
> Monday 4th would be many people's first day back after Christmas.
> Unhelpfully,
> Richard.

There are people working even during Saturdays though likely not on 2nd 
of January. It didn't occur to me when I wrote my reply.

On 2016-01-07 18:02, Larry Finger wrote:
> According to my daughter, who also works for Oracle, vacation during 
> the week
> between Christmas and New Year's Day was mandatory for most Oracle 
> employees.
> Her group was able to keep a few working to service their clients, but 
> most had
> to take the time off.
> My condolences to the VB group for their forced vacation when they 
> probably did
> not want to take it.
> Larry

Yep, I read about that:



Peter Kárász

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