[vbox-dev] Windows 10 guest additions video driver problem

Frank Mehnert frank.mehnert at oracle.com
Fri Feb 26 17:45:28 UTC 2016


On Friday 26 February 2016 10:03:25 Anna Fischer wrote:
> >>>>>> I run Virtualbox 5.0.10 on Gentoo Linux. I run different guest
> >>>>>> operating systems, one of them Windows 10 64-bit. All my guests
> >>>>>> have
> >>>>>> 5.0.10 guest additions installed. All guests work fine except the
> >>>>>> Windows 10 guest: when I suspend the system (e.g. the host OS goes
> >>>>>> into hibernation / suspend to RAM mode) while the VM is running,
> >>>>>> and then resume the system, it seems as if the guest graphics
> >>>>>> driver crashes. Initially when the VM comes back on the screen
> >>>>>> after resume, it seems as if the resolution is switched to a lower
> >>>>>> resolution, and then I get a message in the guest saying video
> >>>>>> driver crashed. Has anyone else ever seen this? I only seem to
> >>>>>> have the problem with Windows 10 as guest. All other guests still
> >>>>>> work after resume, and their resolution does not change.
> [...]
> I can confirm now that when I manually pause the VM before host suspend,
> it does not break the guest. So the problem seems to be that for
> whatever reason, VirtualBox does not get to pause the VM before host
> suspend.
> I have checked the logs, but I do not see any errors. Is there a way to
> increase logging of the VirtualBox service somehow? How can I debug this?

in my previous mails I pointed you to the code which is responsible for
pausing/resuming the VM during host suspend/resume. See:


and later we get here:


A first step would be to add a

  LogRel(("result of PauseWithReason: %Rhrc\n", rc));

right behind line 76. Then do you usual test and suspend the host. After
waking up, check the VBoxSVC.log file (src-server code belongs to VBoxSVC).

The following items are interesting:

1. If that line is called at all. If not then the dbus stuff does not work
   for some reason
2. The result of this call.

If the result is S_OK then go further and check what happens in

  Main/src-client/SessionImpl.cpp function Session::pauseWithReason() -- this

client function is called by XPCOM from the server code. If you add LogRel stuff
there it will appear in the corresponding VBox.log file of the VM.

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