[vbox-dev] VirtualBox window ever srink on Windowmaker

suse suse at fkn-systems.de
Mon Feb 8 15:48:23 UTC 2016


since some Version the VirtualBox window always minimize (~640x138px)
forever and ever on Windowmaker. But not on KDE4.

The minimize will ever do, even when i resize the window with the mouse;
it srink instantanly. Only the Scaled-Mode are stable, but in this i
have no Auto-Resize functionality for the Client.

With - the very old - vboxgtk ive no problems with srinking, but this
are very unusable.

Please Help!

[ all last patchlevel:
OpenSuse 13.1.x64
WindowMaker 0.95.6-49.1
virtualbox 5.0.10-196.8


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