[vbox-dev] NetBSD patch 0006: NetBSD ships with sched_yield(3)

Jung-uk Kim jkim at FreeBSD.org
Tue Aug 2 18:24:22 UTC 2016

On 08/01/16 08:45 PM, Valery Ushakov wrote:
> Kamil Rytarowski <n54 at gmx.com> wrote:
>> NetBSD ships with sched_yield(3)
> This patch misses two other places where sched_yield() is tested for.
> Applied with all cases covered.
> PS: Please, don't include blank line changes in your diffs.  Either
> tell your editor to not "fix" trailing blank lines or manually delete
> such hunks.
While we are at it, FreeBSD can switch to sched_yield(2) to reduce
#ifdef's.  FYI, pthread_yield(3) is just a wrapper around sched_yield()
for all supported versions.

Jung-uk Kim
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