[vbox-dev] Host-only network not working for the VM that boot up first

Simon Xu xu.simon at oracle.com
Tue Sep 15 02:03:41 GMT 2015


I'm having a problem with Windows 10 and Virtualbox 5.0.4 (102546). In 
my setup, host-only network doesn't work for the VM that first boot up, 
the VM uses static IP for host-only NIC, e.g., now if you 
ping this IP from Windows, it just timeouts.  Now if you start the 
second VM with static IP (say for host-only NIC, you can 
ssh from Windows to this VM, and host-only networking between and works fine.

There's a workaround: after starting the first VM, change the IP of the 
host-only NIC of the host, after a couple of seconds, you can ssh to the VM.

Anyone having the same issue?  Is it a known bug?  Is there a better, 
once-and-for-all, workaround to fix it?


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