[vbox-dev] Virtualbox and DPDK virtio poll mode driver

Steffen Bauch mail at steffenbauch.de
Thu Oct 22 06:25:40 UTC 2015


I would like to request help using Virtualbox and the DPDK virtio poll 
mode driver.
The DPDK basic testing application testpmd stalls in an endless loop 
when setting up the promisc mode / multicast settings of the virtio 
device using the control virtqueue.
It seems like it is waiting for the virtio device (host) to increase the 
used counter and returning the used descriptors or not receiving the 
Commenting out the usage of the Control virtqueue fixes the problems and 
even allows packet transmission.

More information on how to reproduce my problem is included here:


I used vagrant for easy reproducibility and have tried with Virtualbox 
4.3.30 and 5.0.6.

For me it is currently unclear if DPDK or Virtualbox is responsible for 
this problem.

I tried to increase the log level using  VBoxManage debugvm for 
dev_virtio and dev_virtio but didn't succeed. A logfile is created in 
the directory of my Vagrantfile, but it is empty.

VBoxManage debugvm 
vagrant-dpdk-virtio-trial_generator_1445086482083_95640 log --release 
+dev_virtio.e.l.f +dev_virtio_net.e.l.f
VBoxManage debugvm 
vagrant-dpdk-virtio-trial_generator_1445086482083_95640 log --release 
+dev_virtio.e.l.f +dev_virtio_net.e.l.f

Do I need a special debug build for logging? (I currently use 
http://download.virtualbox.org/virtualbox/debian as Ubuntu package 
source and would like avoid building Virtualbox myself.)

I would be very glad if someone could reproduce this behavior and 
confirm or fix the problem.
As a step towards the solution of the problem I would like to confirm 
that the virtring layout and the PCI address mappings work in the right 

Might there be some influence that I have two virtualbox instances 
(generator and receiver) running at the same time?

Best regards,

Steffen Bauch

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