[vbox-dev] Kbuild Debian patches

Gianfranco Costamagna costamagnagianfranco at yahoo.it
Wed May 13 10:48:37 UTC 2015

Hi Virtualbox/kbuild developers,

I would like to share you some Debian patches, not Debian specific, that would be nice to address upstream too.

You can find them here [1]. They should be all GPL-3+ code, since our copyright file states so.

01_gnukfreebsd.diff --> kfreebsd port
02_sh4.diff --> sh4 port
04_armv7l.diff --> enable armv7l architecture (fix build failure)
05_hppa-disable-threads.diff  --> fix a build failure on hppa
06_binutils-gold.diff --> fix a build failures with binutils-gold
07_special-chars-build-path.diff --> allow build with paths containing special chars
08_no_o3_optimization.diff --> disable 03 optimization, that causes a problem with kmk_Sed
09_read.c_record_files_SV_33034_Changes_fatal_to_error.patch --> allow deprecated syntax, however this patch might not be suitable for upstream
10_ppc64el.diff --> ppc64el architecture porting
11_find-glob.patch --> this patch is needed to make kbuild build correctly on Debian, otherwise I get some heap corruction during build
12_arm64.dif --> arm64 port

They are all part of Debian so far, I would like to have them upstreamed, since they might fix other Linux distros as well.

thanks for considering



[1] https://sources.debian.net/src/kbuild/1:0.1.9998svn2780%2Bdfsg-1/debian/patches/

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