[vbox-dev] Problems with porting a VritualBox frontend from Windows to Linux

Rūdolfs Bundulis rudolfs.bundulis at gmail.com
Tue Mar 31 11:22:35 UTC 2015


ok I found the root issue - my code did not call  RTR3InitExe(argc, &argv,
0) since I built the application only from looking at the API interfaces
and was not aware that I need to do this (actually maybe it makes sense to
include a comment int the xpcom tstVBoxAPIXPCOM.cpp sample about this?).
Now after I've taken a closer look to the frontends I see that all them
call the initialization function the first thing. I added it and my
IFrambuffer implementation started to get invocations. Since my Windows
code worked fine without it - should I add it to Windows as well? Any
chance it is responsible for the weird recompiler longjmp crash I get?
Thanks in advance.

Best Regards,
Rudolfs Bundulis

2015-03-30 2:42 GMT+03:00 Rūdolfs Bundulis <rudolfs.bundulis at gmail.com>:

> Hi,
> I compiled debug version of 4.3.26 and tried my code against it - now the
> log has a much nicer assert message just before it ends:
> 00:00:55.619996 TM: GIP - u32Mode=1 (SyncTSC) u32UpdateHz=83
> 00:00:55.652313 TM: cTSCTicksPerSecond=0xa0861eba (2 693 144 250)
> fTSCVirtualized=true  fTSCUseRealTSC=false
> 00:00:55.652322 TM: fMaybeUseOffsettedHostTSC=true
> TSCTiedToExecution=false TSCNotTiedToHalt=false
> 00:00:55.652373
> 00:00:55.652376 !!Assertion Failed!!
> 00:00:55.652378 Expression: <NULL>
> 00:00:55.652380 Location  :
> /home/rudolfs/VirtualBox-4.3.26/src/VBox/VMM/VMMR3/TM.cpp(576) int
> TMR3Init(PVM)
> 00:00:55.652508 Failed to create timer, u32Millies=10
> I put a breakpoint in TM.cpp:576, and it seems that I am failing because
> of the code in RTTimerCreateEx():
>     /*
>      * We need the signal masks to be set correctly, which they won't be in
>      * unobtrusive mode.
>      */
>     if (RTR3InitIsUnobtrusive())
>         return VERR_NOT_SUPPORTED;
> What is unobtrusive mode and what signal masks do I need to set? I'll have
> a look at what is done in the frontends, but I guess that you guys here can
> explain it in more detail.
> Best Reagrds,
> Rudolfs Bundulis
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