[vbox-dev] Parallel Usage of VBoxManage

Martin Potthast martin.potthast at uni-weimar.de
Thu Mar 12 19:04:03 UTC 2015

Hi Klaus,

thanks for the quick reply, and sorry for not giving this vital
information: I'm running VirtualBox 4.3.10_Ubuntur93012 on Ubuntu
14.04.2 LTS.

> Issues with hangs usually can be investigated by analyzing the state of
> VBoxSVC and the affected VBoxManage processes. Sometimes the VM process
> state is needed, too.

Alright. When I notice an error again with regard to hanging calls,
what exactly shall I do to give you useful information? The last time
it happened, two snapshot deletes were hanging at around 50%, which
also caused VBoxManage list vms to hang.

> Not sure about what you mean by "fails". Could be that you issue
> commands to a VM which currently is changing its state for some other
> reason already, and then API calls can fail.

No, I'm not calling command with side effects simultaneously on the
same VM, however, a VBoxManage vminfo might be called while the VM is
changing its state.

> I would prefer to investigate and properly fix the issue. Going for
> workaround means the bug will stay there until someone accidentally runs
> into it and does the investigation.

Me too; though I also need to stabilize our system to attend to other
things. However, changing the setup to put 1 VM into one user account
is also quite a lot of work, so I'll not do it for the time being.
We'll continue to use the, so perhaps the error will occur again.


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