[vbox-dev] Buffer overflow in VBoxNetFltInternal.h

Alexander Eichner Alexander.Eichner at oracle.com
Sat Mar 7 15:41:11 UTC 2015

Hi Valerio,

there is no buffer overflow because of the way the memory containing VBOXNETFLTINS is allocated.
See the top of VBoxNetFlt.c:vboxNetFltNewInstance(), the allocation takes the size of the name into account.

Alexander Eichner

> On 07.03.2015 14:46, Valerio Daelli <valerio.daelli at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
>   I am working on a patch on the vboxnetflt kernel module on Linux (3.18.0 kernel).
> While inspecting the code of vboxnetlflt, I found something that looks to me like a buffer overflow.
> VBoxNetFltInternal.h declares the structure VBOXNETFLTINS
> and one of its members is: 
> char szName[1];
> This array is too small to contain the network device name:
> so when there is a copy in VBoxNetFlt.c:
>     memcpy(pNew->szName, pszName, cchName + 1);
> this copy does a buffer overflow of the character array pNew->szName.
> Basically you are trying to copy a string like 'eno1'
> or another interface name, into a buffer of chars with length 1.
> Obviously this implies a buffer overflow.
> Thank for your attention,
>   Valerio Daelli
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