[vbox-dev] Problems with tunnel stability

Valery Ushakov uwe at stderr.spb.ru
Mon Mar 2 16:50:54 UTC 2015

laptopcss at gmx.de wrote:

> well I have an comon USB device which is plugged to USB0. This device
> has WLAN function usinf 802.15.4 and receives IP messages from another
> battery powered device.
> in my VM I activate IP-tunnel over eth0. For five minutes I am able to
> read incoming devices and to ping the battery powered device.
> Suddenly, the tunnel breaks down but seams on the other hand to be
> there still but unable to receive anything or to be used for pinging
> the battery powered device.
> When I restart the tunnel again, everything works fine for the next 5
> minutes.
> The application I mentioned is IP-driver from TinyOS 2.1.
> It run before on old VM installations fine. We did not change anything
> at the configuration. Thus, we think there might be something cased by
> the new version or GuestEdition.
> Does this include the information you wanted?

Which network attachment do you use?  NAT, bridged?

There are different ways to tunnel IP, so we need exact description of
how tunneling is set up: commands, IP addresses, packet captures, etc.

Mailing list is not the best way to discuss this, so, please, file a
bug report at


PS: Also, please, configure you mailer to send multipart/alternative
messages with plain text version, not html-only.


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