[vbox-dev] How add device or driver (PDM) to VirtualBox

Marcin K sofcik.kiss at gmail.com
Thu Jun 25 08:57:12 GMT 2015


I ask about this before but don't get any answer...

How add new device/driver to Virtualbox?
Is there a someone who understand how PDM works?

I compile VBoxSampleDevice.cpp and add it to VirtualBox but system(ubunutu
14) don't show any new device.
To add dll to Virtualbox I use:
VBoxManage setextradata global VBoxInternal/PDM/Devices/[[1]]/Path

Also I try to add device using copy of Virtio device. I copy code
of DevVirtioNet.cpp modify it (change some names), build dll and add to
VBoxManage setextradata global VBoxInternal/PDM/Devices/[[3]]/Path

But still nothing change in guest system.

In DevVirtioNet.cpp I found a lot of code which set a lot of parameters
connected with PCI. I try understand this code but this take, a lot of time.

I also found that I have to set which driver will be use in system also in
configuration of virtual machine.
I try to set net ethernet cart type but in VBoxManage I found code which
allow using only build in drivers so I can't set "My" modified Virtio

There is really no instruction or documentation how it's works?

I will be really gratefull for any help or instruction how add new device
to VirtualBox.

Best regards,
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