[vbox-dev] How to build add and use PDM in VirtualBox

Marcin K sofcik.kiss at gmail.com
Fri Jun 12 06:14:46 GMT 2015


My name is Marcin and I want to add some device to virtual box.

In first try I want to build Virtual Box from scratch, and add new device,
but this was a big problem on 64bit windows 7.

After a few day I found something what is call PDM (The Pluggable Device &
Driver Manager) and... I can't find any information how to use it. In
source code I found some information but they sound theoretical for me.

I compile VBoxSampleDevice and have VBoxSampleDevice.dll but what next? How
can I add it to VirtualBox? How test? How comunicate with this dll on host
and on guest?

I try to guess how PDM works reading source of other PDM devices but it
take a lot of time.

Can anyone can help? Some tutorials? Some examples? Or instruction how this
is works and how use it?

I will be really gratefull for any help.

Best regards,
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