[vbox-dev] dkms setup for virtualbox

Sebastian Dransfeld sebastian.dransfeld at gmail.com
Wed Jul 15 11:49:20 GMT 2015


When installing virtualbox on Ubuntu I have a small annoyance.

If I install packages in this order:
1. new kernel
2. virtualbox
with no reboot after installing the new kernel.

Then virtualbox will use the current kernel (uname -r) to install the
kernel modules for, not the newly installed kernel.

It seems that the virtualbox package maintaned by ubuntu/debian does not
have this problem. The reason is that the use dh_dkms:
when installing the dkms modules. dh_dkms triggers:
which searches for all installed kernels and installs the dkms modules for

Can someone please fix this? Or will you accept a patch to fix this problem?

Best regards
Sebastian Dransfeld
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