[vbox-dev] Excessive load averages with nothing running.

Perry Halbert phalbert at cox.net
Sat Jul 11 16:18:01 GMT 2015

Builds are done from SVN but the issue is also present in released V-5 
build. Linux is all I use so I can't tell you about Win or Mac.

Issue with loads when no guests, VBoxsvc, or VBox manager are running, 
just the kernel modules active.

with running vboxdrv modules
uptime shows load average: 1.24, 1.18, 0.84

show running services associated to VBox shows the following:
ps -awx | grep V
13713 ?        S<     0:00 [iprt-VBoxWQueue]
13717 ?        D      0:00 [iprt-VBoxTscThr]

After stopping vboxdrv modules
load average: 0.11, 0.09, 0.16

I have tried building without the new services plus a few more I thought 
might have been causing this, DnD, Crypt, Webservice, HIDPI, and SDL 
with the following in the LocalConfig.kmk but results were the same as 
with or without.


The loads with vboxdrv modules enabled ( default ) are constant and 
never go below at least 1.24 which seems a little excessive to me when 
nothing is actually being used.  Any thoughts on the matter or advice on 
what to look for?


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