[vbox-dev] Copying files to guest fails in 5.0

Magnus Madsen madsen.magnus at gmail.com
Fri Jul 10 12:29:54 GMT 2015


Very sorry that I haven't gotten back while 5.0 was still in RC, but I
have not had much time available lately.

I've done a test installation of VirtualBox 5.0, but have encountered
a problem while testing - it seems that the copying of files to and
from the guest is malfuctioning. I can replicate the problem both
using 4.3.28 guest additions and 5.0 guest additions.

No matter if using MSCOM or VboxManage, no error is thrown but the
specified file(s) are not copied to the guest.

Please let me know if I can include any necessary information - the VM
log did not seem to include anything useful.

Kind regards,
Magnus Madsen

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