[vbox-dev] Patch to support installation on non-Sun/Oracle Solaris hosts

Ramshankar ramshankar.venkataraman at oracle.com
Tue Jul 7 16:19:17 GMT 2015

Hi Jim,

On 07/ 7/15 02:45 PM, Jim Klimov wrote:
> Hello Ram,
> Makes sense, and that's why I started with touch-files following an
> established example so as to support anything regardless of matching,
> only an admin (or wrap-package) who'd touch the file is needed. ;)

Adding a touch file is okay. I have no objections to having that option in.

> I think a "case" would be more readable and conservative on resources
> than a stack of if-elif-else-fi (don't have to call an external program
> too many times) and would suffice especially since you are comparing
> fixed strings or, at most, simple wildcards here.

Yes, I'm aware of this but as of now, I'd rather have everything working 
fork-avoidance optimizations.  This can come at a later step.

> In the patch itself, here's a bit that worries me: either I've had a
> night too sleepless, or there is a logical error here:
> +                    STR_KERN_MAJOR=`echo "$PKGFMRI" | sed
> 's/^.*\@//;s/\,.*//;s/\-.*//'`
> +                    if test "$STR_KERN_MAJOR" = "5.12"; then
> + ###(comments snipped)
> +                        BRANCH_VERSION=$STR_KERN_MAJOR
> +                        HOST_OS_MAJORVERSION=`echo "$BRANCH_VERSION" |
> cut -f2 -d'-' | cut -f1,2 -d'.'`
> +                        if test "$HOST_OS_MAJORVERSION" = "5.12"; then
> +                            HOST_OS_MAJORVERSION="12"
> +                            HOST_OS_MINORVERSION=`echo
> "$BRANCH_VERSION" | cut -f2 -d'-' | cut -f6 -d'.'`
> +                            return 0
> +                        else
> +                            errorprint "Failed to parse the Solaris
> kernel major version."
> +                            exit 1
> Here you have STR_KERN_MAJOR=="5.12" (fixed, no more, no less), then
> assign BRANCH_VERSION to the same "5.12" and try to `cut` major/minor
> versions out of it. You do get "5.12" again as major, but minor without
> the dash-separated part of the FMRI is meaningless (and ends up empty).

Oops, my mistake. Thanks. I've attached a new patch of that part of the code
which I think should address the problem.

> Otherwise, cutting the "5.11", "0.5.11" or "5.12" parts seems to work
> correctly here.
> Also, in line 10 (added comment for OI Hipster string) there is "of"
> instead of "or" ;)

Also fixed in the patch I've attached.

Let me know how this works for the OS/distros in question here.


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