[vbox-dev] NAT: port forwarding issues / collision

Valery Ushakov uwe at stderr.spb.ru
Sat Jan 10 07:18:47 UTC 2015

Alexey Eromenko <al4321 at gmail.com> wrote:

> Host: Windows 7, Core i7, VBox 4.3.18
> Guests: Linux, RHEL6 (CLI-only)
> Setup localhost + 2 web servers VMs.
> VM1: NAT host at 1443 -> guest:443 (default IP)
> VM2: NAT host at 2443 -> guest:443 (default IP)
> I connect by typing in local web browser:
> https://localhost:1443
> When I connect via HTTPS to first VM, it's okay, but when I connect to
> second VM, the first one disconnects (connection timeout), and then I
> get access to 2nd VM, and after I try to reconnect to 1st VM, 2nd VM
> immediately disconnects, so there is some collision between NAT engine
> on both VMs.
> No way to connect to both VMs, from localhost web browser.

Do you see the same connection pattern if you run netcat listening in
the guests and telnet/netcat/... to connect from the host?

Obtaining packet traces from the host and both guests would be a good
start.  Relevant log entries from the servers running in guests if any
might also prove helpful.


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