[vbox-dev] Patch to PC BIOS file: \src\VBox\Devices\PC\BIOS\floppy.c

Michal Necasek michal.necasek at oracle.com
Mon Feb 16 11:18:14 GMT 2015

Hi Dave, 

Thanks for the patch! I'll take a look at it in detail soon (at first glance it looks very reasonable). However, I'm not going to commit anything unless I can run at least the most basic verification that the code does something useful. So what can I use as a testcase so check that the modified code does what it's supposed to? 


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Subject: [vbox-dev] Patch to PC BIOS file: \src\VBox\Devices\PC\BIOS\floppy.c 


I'd like to contribute a patch to the file: '\src\VBox\Devices\PC\BIOS\floppy.c'. This patch is submitted under the MIT License. 
The patch provides an implementation for 2 BIOS entry points that are - in the current source tree - stubbed out as 'not available'. The 2 entry points are: 

Int 13/AH=18h - FLOPPY DISK - SET MEDIA TYPE FOR FORMAT (AT model 3x9,XT2,XT286,PS) 

As mentioned, these are not currently implemented - so I see little risk to existing software. The patch was developed on a Win32 XP platform, the usual dev tools and Open Watcom 1.9 

The motivation for this patch is a requirement to get an old (early 90's) database system to load in VirtualBox. It uses these entry points not to perform format operations, but to setup the floppy for subsequent IO operations. Why it does this I cannot say... 

The patch is in the attached text file, and was created against the current file image from the source repository. 


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