[vbox-dev] Fix build failure when VBOX_USE_SYSTEM_XORG_HEADERS is defined.

Gianfranco Costamagna costamagnagianfranco at yahoo.it
Fri Feb 13 15:12:53 GMT 2015

Hi folks, your recent changes to the vboxvideo Makefile broke the build when
VBOX_USE_SYSTEM_XORG_HEADERS is defined (debian)

the following trivial patch makes the build succeed again.

diff --git a/src/VBox/Additions/x11/vboxvideo/Makefile.kmk b/src/VBox/Additions/x11/vboxvideo/Makefile.kmk
index 592d65e..d13d24d 100644
--- a/src/VBox/Additions/x11/vboxvideo/Makefile.kmk
+++ b/src/VBox/Additions/x11/vboxvideo/Makefile.kmk
@@ -388,7 +388,7 @@ ifdef VBOX_USE_SYSTEM_XORG_HEADERS
vboxvideo_drv_system_TEMPLATE = VBOXGUESTR3XORGMOD
vboxvideo_drv_system_CFLAGS := \
$(vboxvideo_drv_70_CFLAGS) -include xorg-server.h
- vboxvideo_drv_system_DEFS := $(vboxvideo_15_DEFS)
+ vboxvideo_drv_system_DEFS := $(vboxvideo_15_DEFS) XORG_VERSION_CURRENT=101700000
vboxvideo_drv_system_INCS += \
$(PATH_ROOT)/src/VBox/Runtime/include \
/usr/include/x11 \

I'm attaching it for convenience.

thanks for considering.

(BTW as a Debian maintainer I release my work over a GPL-2+ LICENSE, let me know if it is not sufficient for you)


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