[vbox-dev] VBoxVideoW8 null pointer dereference (test build)

Mihai Hanor mhanor at yahoo.com
Sun Feb 8 12:43:47 GMT 2015

I want to report an issue I have encountered with the latest test build, VirtualBox-4.3.21-97963-Win. The host OS is Windows 8.1 x64, so is the guest. I can reproduce the issue with the 4.3.21-97963, 4.3.20-96996 and 4.3.21-97986 Guest Additions. It doesn't seem to happen when running VirtualBox 4.3.20-96996. The crash seems to occur during the fade-out of the Windows 8.1 logo screen. It's not 100% reproducible.

A minidump (GA 4.3.21-97986): sendspace.com/file/hizczhStack backtrace (self-compiled GA 4.3.20-96996): pastebin.com/7uujnm2G
When looking at the self-compiled driver crash, it seems that pDevExt->DpcCmdQueue is not null, but pDevExt->DpcCmdQueue>Flink and pDevExt->DpcCmdQueue->Blink are null. 
Thank you,Mihai
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