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Gianfranco Costamagna costamagnagianfranco at yahoo.it
Wed Dec 23 09:53:33 GMT 2015


actually I don't see the problem.

quoting the ticket

"it will be part of the next maintenance release"
you opened against 5.0.10, and it was fixed some days ago


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It is.


virtualbox 5.0.12 has been released a couple of days ago, and I imported it in Debian's git
(and uploaded on unstable)
you can see the fix even in the debian packaging (under a big "imported 5.0.12" commit message)

BTW if this was a build failure fixed, testing is trivial, just try to build and see if it fails, I don't see (or I fail to see) where
actually the problem is

I don't know the system you are running, so my answer might be even off-topic, but I'm pretty sure if you try
5.0.12 you won't have the problem at all
(maybe that build is not available on your system?)



Il Mercoledì 23 Dicembre 2015 9:51, Alexey Eromenko <al4321 at gmail.com> ha scritto:
This is hard to know, because 5.0.x testbuilds come from a separate
tree, which is Oracle-private, and not visible to the public.

The public code-tree on SVN is 5.1.x pre-alpha. (will end up with
public 5.1.0 stable release eventually)
But testbuilds are 5.0.x maintenance series.

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