[vbox-dev] 4.2-rc kernels and strreplace(s, old, new) causing Virtualbox build issues

Larry Finger Larry.Finger at lwfinger.net
Wed Aug 5 00:44:58 GMT 2015

On 08/04/2015 05:18 PM, Alessandro Suardi wrote:
> Hi all,
>    while attempting to reproduce the build issues with manual.pdf as per
>    https://forums.virtualbox.org/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=68925
>    I tried my luck with today's Virtualbox trunk under 4.2-rc5... and well,
>     no luck with my manual.pdf issue - if any kind soul could give ideas
>     on where to start debugging, that'd be really golden.
> However, back on topic - this testing uncovers a different build issue,
>   that is, strreplace in newer kernels breaks Virtualbox build because
>   of its third argument naming ("new") in string.h, and this choice isn't
>   welcomed by G++ when parsing the kernel includes...
> I'm attaching the kernel-side bandaid I used to progress towards the
>   brick wall of manual.pdf - but I don't know whether there are better
>   preprocessor directives to use Virtualbox-side... this is nothing more
>   than a heads-up :)

Are you sure that is a kernel issue? I have been running 4.2-rxX kernels since 
X=1, and I have never seen the problem. To me, that looks as if your version of 
gcc++ is treating "new" as a restricted name. What version of gcc++ are you 
using? Mine is 4.8.3.


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