[vbox-dev] [PATCH] [Doc] User's manual: Host-only interface creation/deletion via VBoxManage

Alexey Eromenko al4321 at gmail.com
Mon Apr 13 21:48:55 UTC 2015


-Alexey Eromenko "Technologov"
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diff -uNr -U 6 vbox-orig/VirtualBox-5.0.0_BETA1/doc//manual/en_US/user_Networking.xml vbox-unattended/VirtualBox-5.0.0_BETA1/doc//manual/en_US/user_Networking.xml
--- vbox-orig/VirtualBox-5.0.0_BETA1/doc//manual/en_US/user_Networking.xml	2015-04-01 12:09:30.000000000 -0400
+++ vbox-unattended/VirtualBox-5.0.0_BETA1/doc//manual/en_US/user_Networking.xml	2015-04-11 23:31:12.000000000 -0400
@@ -693,22 +693,30 @@
           <para>on the command line, type <computeroutput>VBoxManage modifyvm
           "VM name" --nic&lt;x&gt; hostonly</computeroutput>; see <xref
           linkend="vboxmanage-modifyvm" /> for details.</para>
+        <listitem>
+          <para>Before attaching VM to host-only network, ensure that you 
+          create at least one such host-only interface, either from the GUI:
+          "File" -&gt; "Preferences" -&gt; "Network" -&gt; "Host-only network"
+          -&gt; "(+)Add host-only network", or type on the command line 
+          <computeroutput>VBoxManage hostonlyif create</computeroutput>; 
+          see <xref linkend="vboxmanage-hostonlyif" /> for details.</para>
+        </listitem>
     <para>For host-only networking, like with internal networking, you may
     find the DHCP server useful that is built into VirtualBox. This can be
     enabled to then manage the IP addresses in the host-only network since
     otherwise you would need to configure all IP addresses
           <para>In the VirtualBox graphical user interface, you can configure
-          all these items in the global settings via "File" -&gt; "Settings"
+          all these items in the global settings via "File" -&gt; "Preferences"
           -&gt; "Network", which lists all host-only networks which are
           presently in use. Click on the network name and then on the "Edit"
           button to the right, and you can modify the adapter and DHCP
diff -uNr -U 6 vbox-orig/VirtualBox-5.0.0_BETA1/doc//manual/en_US/user_VBoxManage.xml vbox-unattended/VirtualBox-5.0.0_BETA1/doc//manual/en_US/user_VBoxManage.xml
--- vbox-orig/VirtualBox-5.0.0_BETA1/doc//manual/en_US/user_VBoxManage.xml	2015-04-01 12:09:30.000000000 -0400
+++ vbox-unattended/VirtualBox-5.0.0_BETA1/doc//manual/en_US/user_VBoxManage.xml	2015-04-11 23:34:11.000000000 -0400
@@ -4285,20 +4285,37 @@
           metrics match the specified filter.</para>
-  <sect1>
+  <sect1 id="vboxmanage-hostonlyif">
     <title>VBoxManage hostonlyif</title>
     <para>With "hostonlyif" you can change the IP configuration of a host-only
     network interface. For a description of host-only networking, please
     refer to <xref linkend="network_hostonly" />. Each host-only interface is
     identified by a name and can either use the internal DHCP server or a
     manual IP configuration (both IP4 and IP6).</para>
+    <glosslist>
+      <glossentry>
+        <glossterm><computeroutput>create</computeroutput></glossterm>
+        <glossdef>
+          <para>This creates a new vboxnet&lt;N&gt; interface on the host OS. 
+          This command is essential before you can attach VMs to host-only network.</para>
+        </glossdef>
+      </glossentry>
+      <glossentry>
+        <glossterm><computeroutput>remove vboxnet&lt;N&gt;</computeroutput></glossterm>
+        <glossdef>
+          <para>This removes a vboxnet&lt;N&gt; interface from the host OS.</para>
+        </glossdef>
+      </glossentry>
+    </glosslist>
   <sect1 id="vboxmanage-dhcpserver">
     <title>VBoxManage dhcpserver</title>
     <para>The "dhcpserver" commands allow you to control the DHCP server that

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