[vbox-dev] Updating network interfaces list speed-up

a.urakov at drweb.com a.urakov at drweb.com
Mon Apr 13 07:23:41 UTC 2015

Hello Mr. Eromenko,

thank you for porting this patch on beta version.

As for performance
> Command to clone 70 VMs:
> $ for i in `seq 1 70`; do VBoxManage clonevm "ZeroVM" --mode all
> --register --name "ZeroVM Clone $i"; done
> 70 VMs, Host-only-interface mode:
I think it can happen because all your VMs have only one interface 
vboxnet0 (if I'm not mistaken?). In our case we have separate interfaces 
for every VM (/vboxnet1..80/), and all of them are in 
//etc/network/interfaces/, so host interfaces list updating takes 
significantly longer time.

> unpatched:
> 2:30 min boot. -- 2:33 min (2nd run)
> patched: (slower by margin of error)
> 2:35 min boot. .. 2:34 (2nd run)
What does this time mean? If I understand you right, you start VMs 
without OSes, but for simple VM starting this time looks too long...

> Timed manually from smartphone, so 1 second mistake is possible. (not
> via host OS timer)
We use time field in VBoxSVC log for chronometry (we attached 
/VBoxSVC.log/s to first letter). This way you can measure execution time 
for specific procedure (/FindHostNetworkInterfaceByName/ in our case) 
and see how this patch affects this.


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