[vbox-dev] OpenGL service screen redirection

Rūdolfs Bundulis rudolfs.bundulis at gmail.com
Wed Apr 8 07:50:26 UTC 2015


I am finally starting to look into 3D acceleration for my headless frontend
and the first thing I wanted to try is the OpenGL output redirection to a
frambuffer. Looking at the code I came down to the following question -
what is the correct way to hook into the OpenGL service? Looking
ConsoleVRDPServer.cpp it seems very straightforward
- ConsoleVRDPServer::remote3DRedirect basically just does one HGSMI
call SHCRGL_HOST_FN_SET_OUTPUT_REDIRECT but as far as I understand they are
done through internal functions that are not exported by any of the dlls so
I cannot hook into that, correct? The shared OpenGL dll exports a
function crVBoxServerOutputRedirectSet where I can pass the same callbacks,
so I assume I should use that, correct?

Best Regards,
Rudolfs Bundulis
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