[vbox-dev] DMA transaction

Ray Yang rayyang at ybwork.com
Wed Sep 3 06:40:09 GMT 2014


I am trying to implement a pci device to support data transfer between
host/guest via DMA but now am a bit lost on how to start a DMA

Basically, I follow the sample of FDC in VBox source code tree to call
PDMDevHlpDMARegister(..., callback_host, ...) to register a callback on
the host. Then on the guest Windows side, I call
WdfDmaTransactionInitialize to initialize the DMA transaction and call
WdfDmaTransactionExecute to start the execution. However, the
callback_host routine is never called by VBox. I set the breakpoints on
FDC's dma routine but it is never triggered either.

So, is there anything else I need to do?



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