[vbox-dev] Virtual box USB filter drivers do not work with Windows 10

Mgr. Janusz Chmiel chmeljanusz at seznam.cz
Thu Oct 16 13:26:24 UTC 2014

Dear advanced C++ developers of USB flash drive related USB filter 
drivers for Oracle VM virtual box.

I Am ready to test Yours new USB filter drivers, if it will be necessary 
to develop them to support development version of Windows 10.
What do YOu think, it will be necessary to wait till The Beta version of 
Windows 10 will be released to make functioning USB filter drivers for 
Windows 10?

I have tried my USB flash drive but Windows 10 do not work. I Am using 
latest stable version of VIrtualbox. I have enabled The USB driver but 
not The USB PCI driver, which require to install modules from Oracle and 
license agreement must be accepted.

I will be very glad if new functioning .sys drivers which will support 
Windows 10 for USB flash drives will be released.
I have two old USB sticks so i can risk its damage if it will be some 
bug in C++ filter driver.
So if somebody of us need The tests, i Am ready to test .sys drivers.
With kindness regards.
Janusz Chmiel

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