[vbox-dev] Would it be possible to create a python3 bindings for VBox?

Alexey Eromenko al4321 at gmail.com
Mon Oct 6 16:47:57 UTC 2014

Why python 2.3 ?

The oldest supported host is RHEL5, so perhaps we should target python
v2.4.x + ?

I suggest dropping python 2.3.x support from VirtualBox 4.4.+

Also, for me, building on RHEL 5 host is next-to-impossible due to
loads of missing dependencies (Qt4), but RHEL6 or Debian 6 are more
realistic (targetting python 2.6.x).
Would that be good ?

Alternatively: could you use your builders to provide me with  RHEL5
x64 build of python3.x-patched VBox (non-main, but side-branch), so I
test python 2.4 ? (please use multi-distro installer, so I could try
other host distros also)


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