[vbox-dev] modifying vgabios for virtualbox

Jaeyong Yoo jaeyong.yoo at samsung.com
Thu May 15 04:38:06 UTC 2014

Hello VirtalBox-dev list,

I've try to modify the vgabios of virtualbox but failed and I saw the following routine in Makefile.kmk:

 if1of ($(KBUILD_TYPE), release)
... snipped
        $(QUIET)$(ECHO) "Fatal error: Can only update VBoxVgaBiosAlternative.asm/md5sum with a release build."
        $(QUIET)exit 1

It looks like, with release build, there is no way to modify vgabios, is this correct?

And, can I access the debug build? since I would like to modify something there.

Best regards,

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