[vbox-dev] crasches of VIrtualbox GUI and my sad mail for YOu

Mgr. Janusz Chmiel chmeljanusz at seznam.cz
Wed May 14 18:49:38 UTC 2014

Dear developers,
I Am using latest available stable version of VIrtual box and 
unfortunately, i can not solve severe issues related to Virtual box 
manager crashes with NVDA screen reaer.
No matter, if i run XP or newer OS. The reality is, that When i press 
Enter on The last Virtual machine creation wizard screen, system will 
stop responding and if i want to denie this behaviour, i must press CTRL 
key very quickly when i press enter first to confirm Machine creation.
And This is not all, same issue persists, when i recall settings dialog 
box and i must also press CTRL key to stop speech in other case i will 
get Oracle VM virtual box manager crasch.
I know, that it is The bug of QT accessibility, so i will need to use 
Windows Explorer and .lnk files to call my virtual machines, but setting 
dialog box can not be solved so simply.
Do You know, if i can help You debug this complex issue by sending You 
some .log? If yes, tell me how to do this please.
Or would i had to use Microsoft Windows debugging tools, would i had to 
download kernel map files for my OS and would i had to send You The data 
of crasch?
If You would have some time, You can simulate my problem Yourself.
Download latest stable copy of NVDA, install Oracle VM virtual box 
stable version and try to use keyboard TAB Enter ETC to go throught The 
setup wizard.
In some cases, Oracle VM virtual box manager will crash when i press 
CTRL+R to remove virtual machine and i do not have enough time to press 
CTRL to fastlystop speech.
I will try to stop Speech by using NVDA shortcut if issue will persist 
so i would had to turn speech on and off in right time.
BUt if You would help me to track The cause of The crasches, plese let 
me know about it.
Thank You very much for Yours support.
I love Yours product and i can not imagine that it would stop to work 
for me reliably like several months before.
It is not easy to find out, which older release did not cause those issues.

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