[vbox-dev] tool for converting .vdi to .img raw format

François Revol revol at free.fr
Wed May 14 16:37:45 UTC 2014

On 14/05/2014 18:33, Klaus Espenlaub wrote:
> François,
> On 14.05.2014 18:23, François Revol wrote:
>> On 14/05/2014 18:12, Mgr. Janusz Chmiel wrote:
>>> Dear developers,
>>> Do You think, that somebody of us would try to develop little
>>> application, which would be able to convert .vdi virtual harddisk image
>>> to Theraw image format?
>>> .img My next Question is.
>>> Why it is not possible to change The size of virtual harddisk if it is
>>> created by using Oracle vmvirtual box GUI?
>>> Thank You very much for Yours answer.
>>> If You know about free procedure for Windows or Linux, which would
>>> enable me to convert .vdi harddisk to .img raw image format please let
>>> me know.
>> While the VBoxManage "convertfromraw" subcommand is documented in the
>> manual, there is also the opposite but it is stuffed in a
>> developper-related subcommand:
>> vboxmanage internalcommands converttoraw
> nooo... don't point people at very limited and deliberately 
> hidden/undocumented commands. This command can't handle image chains 
> (which means it will produce complete garbage if you point it at some 
> file corresponding to a snapshot).
> I can't undo this well meant (but unfortunately not ideal) advice, but 
> please don't go this way.
> VBoxManage clonehd <src> <dst> --format RAW
> is the proper way, and documented.

Thanks for correcting, I didn't notice clonehd could do this.


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