[vbox-dev] vboxjmscom.jar version 4.3

Klaus Espenlaub klaus.espenlaub at oracle.com
Tue May 6 12:55:59 UTC 2014

Hi Federica,

On 03.05.2014 19:17, Federica Renzi wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I'm trying to write some code with VirtualBox sdk: would like to control
> my Vbox on a Windows7 machine using Java over COM ("java glue"). To
> implement that I need a vboxjmscom.jar-file which exactly matches the
> version of VirtualBox I use.

It needs to match reasonably precisely (i.e. if you want to talk to 
VirtualBox 4.3 then don't try with a jar file for 4.2), but an 
absolutely correct match shouldn't be necessary.

> I read that the only way to get it, it's build VirtualBox source code
> with following options
> CLASSPATH=some_where/jacob.jar

Huh? There is no need to build the VirtualBox source code to get this 
file. It's part of the VirtualBox SDK which is rather easy to get.

The SDK contains sample code which works on all supported platforms and 
can serve as a starting point.

> I really hope to escape all the trouble so....is there some other way to
> get it? Or is there someone who could share that library with me?
> Any help is appreciated!

Just grab the latest SDK package for whatever VirtualBox release you 
want to control. No idea where you found the very outdated information...


> --
> FR

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