[vbox-dev] What's up with 4.3.8 and VBOX_USE_SYSTEM_XORG_HEADERS=1

Michael Thayer michael.thayer at oracle.com
Thu Mar 20 10:53:45 GMT 2014

Hello Sérgio,

On 18/03/14 17:48, Sérgio Basto wrote:
>> On 18/03/14 06:41, Sérgio Basto wrote:
>> [...]
>>> Many thanks for your reply, OK , hopefully we are talking about drivers
>>> for guest system , so is not much used, though that PatchMesaGLAPITable
>>> was sort of a fix ...
>> [...]
>> If you are not interested in guest drivers you might just build with
>> "VBOX_WITHOUT_ADDITIONS=1" set and then remove any Additions code you do
>> not want in your sources, as it should not get built at all.
> No, we in rpmfusion do "our" guest package for Fedora, I use it to test
> devel versions of Fedora mainly and also use it for legacy versions, so
> I want build guest Additions for Fedora without bundle sources, mainly.
>> Was the
>> patch you attached to your last message a reworked version of the
>> previous one?
> yes is a rework , for Xserver 1.14
>>   I only looked at it briefly, but it did look like an
>> improvement, so I will try to look at it more closely when I get the chance.

I took a closer look at your patch (I am not absolutely familiar with 
the workings of that "driver") and I'm afraid it isn't really something 
I can apply.  The driver is using X.Org/Mesa internals, which is why it 
needs either bundled internal headers or the actual X server source. 
Your patch makes the it use the source, but does it in a Fedora-specific 
way which would not help anyone else, so while that is valid enough, it 
only really makes sense for you to keep the patch as part of your 
package, not upstream it.

Though I haven't yet tested, what you said about it not building on 
Fedora 21 looks like a genuine problem, see also Quickbooks's e-mail to 
the list.  I will investigate that.


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