[vbox-dev] build from SVN

Perry Halbert phalbert at cox.net
Sat Mar 1 15:58:46 GMT 2014

This has been happening for a while but I can't put my finger on the 
issue.  Each release from SVN I compile, pack, & install seems to remove 
the host-only settings and of course I forget it has and try to start a 
guest ( you know what happens next ).  It fails and I open preference 
and add it back in and all is good to go. So my question is why?

The really weird part is the ~/.config/VirtualBox.xml still has the 
following, even though the GUI shows it is missing, & it does not work.

<ExtraDataItem name="HostOnly/vboxnet0/IPAddress" value=""/>
       <ExtraDataItem name="HostOnly/vboxnet0/IPNetMask" 
       <ExtraDataItem name="HostOnly/vboxnet0/IPV6NetMask" value="64"/>

         <DHCPServer networkName="HostInterfaceNetworking-vboxnet0" 
IPAddress="" networkMask="" 
lowerIP="" upperIP="" enabled="1"/>
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