[vbox-dev] [Patch] More SDK build options

Maxime Dor maxime.dor at altherian.org
Wed Jun 18 13:15:02 UTC 2014



You can find attached a diff to give a bit more flexibility to the SDK build
which will fail by default on Linux hosts, since the MSCOM environment is
not set, using the VBOX_ONLY_SDK build variable.


In Config.kmk

-          Addition of extra config variables for the WebServices part
already, so we can disable things like python, perl & php if we don't want
them. No variable for Java since I had no personal gain there.

-          Addition of a new variable for MSCOM, allowing to disable its
creation. It keeps the default behaviour (which is always on by default)
with the 2nd change in Makefile.kmk but gives the possibility to change it
via the variable in the LocalConfig.kmk


In src/VBox/Main/Makefile.kmk

-          Webservices were not automatically enabled if we only want to
build the SDK - it is now the case. Default behaviour doesn't change.

-          We replace the logic of creating the MSCOM from "only sdk or
windows" by the new create variable. This part makes sure the default
behaviour is not changed, but allow to bypass if needed.


In src/VBox/Main/webservice/Makefile.kmk

-          We add the different SDK modules using the newly created
variables in Config.kmk instead of adding everything without any control.

-          We control the build using the newly created variables instead of
creating everything by default


For the sake of completeness, I'll send another diff later on with extra
variables for Java as well.




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