[vbox-dev] Usage of GuestOSType

Karoline Haus karolinehaus at yahoo.de
Mon Jun 2 12:24:19 UTC 2014

Hi, can anyone explain how to properly use the GuestOSType property of the IMachine interface?

I'm using the Python2 API and I'm trying to configure my VM as either Windows XP, Windows 7 or Linux, and I don't quite understand how to go about this. I seem to only be able to set the string OSTypeId on the IMachine interface, but what kind of string is that supposed to be, and how to I check whether or not my VBox implementation supports that GuestOSType? 

Anyone got a good idea on how to use this capability? Basically what I want to do is configure network adapter, audio controller, and so on, depending on the OS the user has installed inside the VM, as otherwise the user might have trouble with the virtual hardware configured.
Is using this property the right way of doing things?
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