[vbox-dev] Host-only network interfaces gone after system reboot

Karoline Haus karolinehaus at yahoo.de
Fri Jul 25 11:23:47 GMT 2014

I'm working with VirtualBox via the Python API and I've got big problems with the network configuration (see my other posts!). When I create the host-only devices I attach a VBOX DHCP server to them via the API. It all works fine. However, when I then reboot the system, the vboxnetX interfaces are gone, meaning I cannot see them anymore under "ifconfig or ifconfig -a". They are gone. 

Then, they only appear again when I do a "VBoxManage list hostonlyifs" and then I can also see them under "ifconfig" again. Their configuration is still correct.

Why do they not appear automatically? I cannot boot my VM because it says network device does not exist.
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