[vbox-dev] Ownership of host-only network interfaces and DHCP servers

Karoline Haus karolinehaus at yahoo.de
Mon Jul 21 16:26:02 GMT 2014

I'd like to understand how the ownership of host-only network interfaces is handled. It seems as if you can configure a network interface as any user and if you change the configuration as one user, then it does not necessarily change for the other user (if you list the configuration via VBoxManage list hostonlyifs). But because of these different concurrent configuration options, it does not seem to be consistent across reboots, and I don't know how to figure which configuration is currently active. I have the same question for DHCP servers managed by VBOX. It seems different users can run a differently configured DHCP server on the same host-only network interface? How would this work, if the actual IP on that interface (as seen under ifconfig) must be unique. So say it could potentially not be consistent with the DHCP server IP address configuration, because you have multiple servers on a single interface. Can anyone shed light on this?

Thanks, Karoline
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